The portraits that make up this small gallery are

made in the last year.

Watercolors, oils or graphites, some are made in one go,

almost without resting. For others I have needed several days

or even an entire week. Sometimes I have started from several

photographs, which help me complete my visual understanding

of the person, and sometimes I have preferred to use some

own notes that I complete later with my own memory.

For years I have been making custom portraits. Too

I sometimes paint my own family. Lately i need

be doing a portrait almost all the time.

I am no longer interested only as pictorial or graphic exercises,

but as approximations to the compression itself

of the person portrayed.

Photographs or paintings, the portrait occupies, increasingly,

my interest when I travel and see new museums or when I visit

exhibitions. What is the photographer or painter looking for, why

they choose this frame, that light or this angle. Decisions

that I guess or just think I understand and help me

to focus and improve my own work.

Estefanía Moreno

February 2020

A good portrait is a painted biography. Anatole France

MASTERS. Hals and Ingres

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